Art Rendered Through Identity. A kinect application that takes your body’s biometrics and combines it with your movement to generate art real time. I was responsible for branding, the promotional video, and exibit layout.

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A placeholder image
A placeholder image

Look Out Below

A travel app that allows you to pinpoint interesting locations below you in flight, and explore your surroundings. You can then bookmark locations to create future vacation spots!

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The Vegas Detail screen of the Look Out Below app.
The Look Out Below place marker with wings logoUSA Map zoomed out with flight path over top


A school project assigned Sophomore year of college and redone after graduating (see detail page). This is Oregon.gov redesigned to fit the personality of its residents.

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An iMac sitting on a blurred background with a screenshot of a website inside it.


B Square logo
Farmers Insurance logo
Bank of the West logo
Rauxa logo
Polycom logo